Accusations against the Ulama of Deoband

The false propaganda against and blatant fabrications about our highly acclaimed and respected Ulama of Deoband by the ignorant must be refuted at all costs. Numerous pamphlets and booklets have been written distorting the truth about and writings of our distinguished Ulama.

Among the most common pamphlets displayed is “Tabliqism – one way ticket to Hell”. “Are these Islamic Beliefs”: in one column is the ‘Deobandi Tabliqi Beliefs’ and next to it is the ‘Islamic beliefs’. However, answers to the allegations have been given in various publications. Therefore, this publication will attempt to print all the false allegations and the correct views.

The False Allegation
Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, a founder of Deobandi Movement has the following beliefs:
1. The Almighty Allah can speak a lie. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 1 pg. 20)
2. Allah has already spoken a lie (Taqseedul Qadeer pg. 79).

The Truth and Clarification
The view of Hadhrat Moulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Saheb is that Allah is far above and pure from being attributed with falsehood. There is no blemish of falsehood in His words at all for Allah says, ‘Who is more truthful than Allah in speech.’ He who believes that Allah speaks a lie is an accursed outright Kaafir and opposed to the Qurãn and Sunnah. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 1 pg. 3)

Fataawa Rashidiyya pg. 84: ‘From servant Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, after Salaam Masnoon, you have inquired concerning the Masalah ‘Imkaane Kizb’ (possibility of falsehood). But ‘Imkaane Kizb’ in the sense that Allah Taãla has the power to act contrary to what He has ordered, but will not to do with His Free Will, is the belief of this servant. The Qurãn Shareef and the Sahih Ahaadith bear testimony to this belief, and this is the belief of all the Ulama of the Ummah too. For example, Firáwn is promised to be thrown into Hell, but Allah Taãla has the power to enter him into paradise, although He will never give him paradise. And this is the Masalah under discussion at the moment. This is the belief of all my friends. The enemies must have related it differently. Referring to this Power and the non-occurrence of it is termed ‘Imkaane Zaati’ and ‘Mumtana bi Ghayr’ Was salaam Rashid Ahmad Gangohi.

Look, how they lay waiting with vicious, malicious attempts to defame this noble personality. If it is not slander then what is it?

To distort the above mentioned Masalah and refer it to Hadhrat Moulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Saheb is totally evil and wrong. It is a slander and slander is worse than back-biting.

Fataawa Rashidiyya pg. 90: ‘That person who believes or utters with the tongue concerning Allah Taãla that “He spoke a lie”, is positively a Kaafir, an accursed and opposed to the Qurãn, Hadith and the unanimity of the Ummah. He is definitely not a Mu’min. Taãlallaahu ammaa yaqoolu dhaalimoona oluwwan kabeeraa. (Allah is far above from what the transgressors are saying).’

The misrepresenter, besides being involved with misrepresentation, has earned the wrath of Allah. Let the Hadith of the Master of the Green Dome once again ring in his ears. ‘A person does not target another with impiety or a person does not target another with Kufr, but it returns to the former if the latter is not guilty of it.’ (Bukhari)

Taqdeesul Qadeer is not compiled by the Ulama of Deoband. In fact there is no such Kitaab by this name.

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